Proactive Network Management & Administration

Every Network is different in size and complexity.

Our Free Network Assessment determines your fixed monthly fee for one of two compelling options:

Our Total IT Network Service
Our Basic Core IT Network Service

Two Affordable Options designed by us – your appointed Strategic Technology Partner to meet the All-Inclusive IT Service needs of Small & Medium Sized Business clients in New York and Portland

Proactive beats Reactive

Many of our competitors only offer reactive services, meaning that they don’t show up until something in your IT Network collapses. As a Proactive Network IT Manager and Administrator, we go the extra mile to anticipate IT breakdown before it happens. We take material steps to safeguard and protect your network, as part of our fixed fee. Our way means saying goodbye to disruptive IT emergencies. Proactive Network Management removes panic from the IT equation, giving you a new lease on life in the digital lane.
Focus Network Management & Administrative Services function proactively no matter which option you select. Our IT support covers all your Desktops, Servers, Routers/Switches, and Printers.

Both options include Core Activities:

Basic tech support – Monitoring – installing Anti-Virus protections – Patching – Asset Management – Providing a 24/7/365 Help Desk via phone, portal, or email.

We pride ourselves on the quickest remote support in the business.

Advanced additions to the Core Services are: An array of specialist technical skills that converge on administering your system at the highest possible level, including but not limited to: Domain Name System (DNS), Administrating your Active Directory, Facilitating User Creation , and Overseeing your Group Policy. These are accessible via a Fixed Monthly Fee based on our findings during your Free Network Assessment.

Proactive Network Management Features

24/7 Advanced Performance Monitoring alongside Scheduled Preventative Maintenance: We use these measures to ensure that all of your network devices are healthy, functioning both reliably and optimally.

Included also is a Monthly Network Health Review that focuses on reports and issues vitally impacting the continued performance of your network. In so doing, we translate technology terms into business content that can be related to cost savings and ultimately your ROI

In addition to all this is our Real-Time Optimization, whereby we energize your infrastructure to peak levels and keep it that way through our NOC enterprise-class technology. Focus Networks Services – Your Technology Team outside of your office – identifies, reports, and resolves problematic or potentially problematic IT issues without disrupting operations.

Proactive Network Management Features

Everything we offer to you under the Core Service but also sophisticated Security and Backup Management to keep your environment virally secure, protected, and available through industry best practices.

Based on our Free Office assessment, Unlimited Remote and Onsite Support customized to your devices and your network. Once initiated, our Core services + the Advanced Features provide unsurpassed business stability and IT reliability. Your single monthly price covers all of it.

Total network peace of mind.

We recognize that your time is valuable. We also recognize that until now IT stress – waiting for the next virus attack, hack, or network breakdown – was a fact of life. We’re the ideal solution for an organization that demands the optimal network reliability and security. You get on with business, while we function as your IT Business Partner.

Total IT Support, Affordable, for a Fixed IT Fee

Get all of the benefits of an internal IT department for a fraction of the price of staffing one yourself. We reduce the business impact of IT failures and deal with any unforeseen issues as a top priority. All aspects of your network are covered: security, data protection applications, and hardware.

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