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Do You Backup Your IT Data? Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place?

What if the IT files that drive your business forward should suddenly disappear? How do you prevent such an event from even happening? Can you wait hours, days, or weeks to recover? Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

We guess that IT is key to your SMB. Accounting, day-to-day communication, sales, marketing, HR, and production are inevitably computer dependent. Interactive email, digital transactional formats, and data storage from end-to-end are hallmarks of modern IT systems. Inadequate or infrequent back-up processes are a potential trigger for data loss that may materially disrupt your operations.

So let’s talk about Backup.

Traditional Backup for a Modern IT System – the biggest threat to your Business Continuity

Leading edge business owners consider traditional file backup methods like tape (over 50% of Tape Backups fail), disk, or online as archaic in the modern world. The latter’s many lapses in recovering data quickly or offsetting downtime have triggered a search for new backup standards, sometimes referred to as Intelligent Business Continuity (IBC).

Small and medium business (SMB) has embraced IBC as the optimal IT backup solution. It ensures data protection, data security, and instant recovery, thus guaranteeing continuity and mitigating downtime as a serious business cost. SMBs that still favor cheap options, often learn that “cheap” turns out to be exorbitantly expensive down the line.

Focus Network Services offers SMB an affordable Business Continuity Solution that covers daily backup as well as Disaster Recovery

We have elected virtualization technology as our mainstream thrust in this vital IT arena. It works with our team taking full backup images of servers and work stations, then transferring these to both an on-site supplied device as well as an optional cloud server. By combining visualization technology with our security and Network administration services, we derive fully functioning virtual images of your critical systems (known as virtualization), immediately accessible during any possible service outage. End-to-end encryption protects data in transit and in the cloud.

Virtualization creates virtual versions of servers, devices, applications, or entire networks coming into play when the physical devices fail, thus minimizing downtime.

Our strategy connects to two vital capabilities:

Scalability – SMBs often grow into larger businesses alongside the creation of more data, thus requiring more advanced backup and business continuity solutions. We’re a provider that works with growing businesses of all sizes with a big selection of backup products and services to meet evolving client needs without breaking the bank.

Ease of Use – As SMB employees tend to take on multiple roles at work, navigating IT complexities shouldn’t be one of them. Our backup solutions offer intelligent user interfaces that ably support efforts to recover lost data if and when this occurs.

The Benefits of our IT Intelligent

Our affordable hybrid cloud solution keeps your business up-and-running through outages, data loss, and other IT disasters.

The same or better results, with lower capital outlay than investing in an in-house platform.

Substantially reduced day-to-day Operating Costs: our solution requires an initial full backup, but from then onwards we store incremental file changes. You save money in storage space, repetitive data transfer costs, and server load.

Safeguard all Business Information without exception – Seamlessly backup all files, including your most critical business applications – Increase Productivity, Decrease Downtime with our Rapid Restore Capabilities.

Put your trust in the modern IBC way with Focus Network Solutions for the quickest way to restore systems impacting your operations the most in a down event.

Detailed Reporting Information:Be assured your information is protected. We provide you with monthly reports that prove and confirm your data is safe and secure.

Our IT Backup and Recovery Features

Block Level Infinite Incremental Backup: i2® Technology means never having to do another full backup, drastically reducing the backup time, storage space, network traffic, and the workload of your servers.

A Bare Metal Restore of your data to dissimilar hardware: You don’t ever have to worry about purchasing that new server!

Same Software for Physical and Virtual Server Support: Seamless – Intelligent – Concise – User-Friendly.

One File Recovery for a Full Restore: Supreme Flexibility from nearly any point in time.

Full Transparency Reporting: We provide a wide range of detailed monthly reports to ensure that you know what is happening. Breathe easier knowing your data is protected.

Fully Managed System: We continuously monitor your system software. We make sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. If there’s an issue, we act immediately.

Inverse Chain Technology(™): creates an optimal backup chain from scratch, and restores and virtualizes every point.

Our Backup Insights feature gives users the ability to see what’s happening in between backup points.

Image-based backup (saved as VMDKs) dispenses with users having to pick and choose which files to back up or save only the most recent ones to the shared/backup folder.

Our multiple geographically separated data centers function to nullify all potential backup chain issues.

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